• A lasting family keepsake

    Preserve memories of a lifetime in a book to be treasured for generations
  • Create a Life Memories Book

    Capture the reminiscences of loved ones ~ their precious stories and experiences

Life Memories - where stories join the past to the future

Please note: Due to the Covid 19 situation, no face to face interviews are taking place. Skype/FaceTime/Zoom are being used instead. Please contact to discuss.

Life Memories is a venture which captures and preserves recollections of your life, created by Caroline Armstrong, an experienced researcher and interviewer. It aims to be a personal reflection of your life, encompassing important memories, events and remembering people and that have helped shaped your world, providing valuable insights for future generations. It can refer to those who have inspired or influenced you; sharing meaningful anecdotes where stories really join the past to the future.

It has 2 main options: the first is an audio recording only of an hour’s duration. The second option creates a hardback Life Memories Book with more hours of interviews combined with photos and memorabilia. → click here

The Life Memories USB Memory Stick or Life Memories book will be a cherished and meaningful legacy for your family, passed on to future generations. Unique books for unique people.