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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The interviews will be divided into themes such as: childhood, schooling, education, family life as a child, adulthood, hobbies/leisure time/holidays, jobs and activities, special occasions, learnings from others etc. Each theme will contain a variety of questions and I will explore each theme probing further to gather the stories and funny/interesting anecdotes associated with those times.

This includes intrinsic outlooks and values, aiding future generations’ understanding of the essence of their family. In addition to providing a fascinating insight into a world perhaps so different to their own, a type of social history.

The aim is concentrate on the happy times. It is not the place to air any family grievances and will not be used as such.

Don’t worry! I am an experienced interviewer and have many different techniques, questions and themes to help generate conversation and aid recall. People are often surprised how a general question such as ‘tell me about when you were at primary school?’ can evoke strong memories and stories. This is aided by photos and artefacts.

I am skilled at helping people remain focussed on specific agreed themes. However, if you decide you want to extend the recordings beyond the agreed themes, we can add extra hours to the time allocated, this can be agreed as we progress.

Don’t worry, just tell me! You can have any part of the conversation deleted.

It is not a prescriptive process but a flowing reflective one, with questions introduced to help you recall memories, experiences and feelings around that theme. Of course, you can refrain from answering a question should you wish to do so. It is your book, so it contains only what you want to talk about.