Life Memories Books make great gifts

Unique books about unique people

These are some suggested occasions where Life Memories will be a welcome gift:

Birthday present

A Life Memories recording or book makes a treasured birthday present, either as a gift from yourself, or for someone to create their own. What could be more unique, personal and long lasting?

Christmas present

Everyone loves a special Christmas present, and what could be more special than a personalised recording or Life Memories Book created for someone, or for someone to create? Recall your life for your children and grandchildren who will have only known you as an adult. Give them an insight to the events and experiences that made you who you are today.

Mother’s / Father’s Day gift

This Mother’s/Father’s Day capture their lifetime recollections and memories. A really precious gift that spans their life as child to an older adult. Provide a fascinating insight into how they have viewed their role and function within the family, in the context of other life experiences and family members.

People living with dementia or other long-term health conditions:

Reminiscence is an excellent tool and process for helping people with early dementia and other long- term illnesses, remain interested and engaged.
My background as a dementia adviser has utilised my sensitive and caring approach and provided a valuable insight into the needs of a person with early dementia. I understand people have good days and bad days and these will be accommodated within the creation of the recording or Life Memories Book.