Fun and Engaging

Our interview sessions are informal yet structured

Due to the Covid 19 situation no face to face interviews are taking place. Skype/FaceTime/Zoom are being used instead. Please contact to discuss.

Conversations are conducted in the comfort in your own home. I record these sessions so I have an accurate record of the interviews. To gain quality recordings, we will need a room with minimal noise (and if video, plenty of light).

For Options 2 and 3, we audio record up to five hours of conversation, organised as several interviews, at times to suit you over a six week period. The time frame allows time for reflection, noting any key thoughts you want to discuss in the next session.

The interviews are very relaxed and use a broad spectrum of questions which reflect the discussion guide.

The aim of Life Memories is to be a celebration of your life, concentrating on the times that have given you pleasure and joy. More challenging times may of course also be mentioned as a context to other times.

To enable a productive output, the interviews are a flowing conversation centred around your experiences, recollections, stories, outlooks and perceptions of life within a guided framework covering childhood and current times.

It triggers memories of pleasurable times with family and friends and I am told, is a very enjoyable part of the process.