Photographs and documents act as a memory stimulus

Adding colour and interest to the Video Chronicle and Life Memories Book

For the Life Memories books options, we select photos, letters, postcards, recipes, press cuttings that can also be scanned and included within the narrative. This helps bring your most important memories to life, adding interest, impact and colour to the book, and can be collected between interview sessions.

Usually they will be taken back to the office to be scanned but if this is a problem, I can scan them in your home. Artefacts, ornaments or things of interest can also be photographed. A maximum of 100 will be incorporated within the Life Memories Book.

For the printed books they will be placed at as different sizes within the layout of the book and approved by yourself at a proof session when they are combined with the narrative. Our designer will enhance the quality of the photos and documents so they are ready for printing in the book. Please note this is a differing level of editing to preparing photos for photo books.