Discussion of the process and style

Dates and events that have happened in your life

Life Memories are not about genealogy. They capture an in-depth emotive recollection of your most important experiences, thoughts, perceptions and feelings, told in stories and conversations that have created the person you are.

Having determined which option you prefer, whether a simple recording of a structured conversation, or a high-quality book derived from several interviews-we establish the style, focus and time span. I discuss the process, including the discussion guide I will be giving you, and the collection of photos and memorabilia.

The discussion guide includes questions that will help you prepare some notes on topics you would like to include, including specific themes of your own. This means that, rather than relying on memory you could for example check dates and places with other family members before our interviews start.

There is no need to provide lots of information, we will explore the detail when we conduct the recordings. You will have at least 3 weeks to complete this before we start the recording session/s.

I will show you some books and box examples and explain the different book choice formats, so your Life Memories Book is truly personalised to your requirements.
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