Recording of the interviews

A permanent record of the interviews on a USB memory stick


Sound quality is superior with digital recorders. We use two recorders, just in case one decides to be temperamental.

For Option 1 you will have a copy of the audio recording on a stylish USB memory stick in an attractive box.

There may be minor edits and I will edit aspects that may be controversial within the family, as this Life Memories Book/recording is a celebration of someone’s life.


As part of the package within Options 2 and 3, and as an extra cost in Option 1, we have included an unedited video of approximately 15 minutes of part of one of the interviews. Although it requires a quiet area with plenty of light to create a quality recording, the camcorder will be statically placed on a tripod, so no need to worry about cameramen directing a movie.

It is a snippet of one of the recordings - a visual representation of the person being interviewed, so that future generations can appreciate the appearance of the person.

Here's an example of such an unedited video recording: