Terms and Conditions

We hope you are enjoying visiting our website. Please note the following terms and conditions apply if you continue to browse and use our website, or if you purchase a life memories recording/book gift voucher. This coupled with our ‘Privacy Policy’ explains how we operate and details our relationship with you.

The description Life Memories or “us” or “we” refers to the owner of the website based in Langley on Tyne, Northumberland. The term “you” refers to the viewer of the website or purchaser/recipient the Life Memories product.

Use and content of the website

We regularly update our content and hope you enjoy reading it. The information, links and navigation of those, is completely at your own risk.

The content of this website contains materials and information which is owned or licenced by Life Memories. Therefore, any copyright of logo, content and photos is subject to necessary permissions. To ignore this could warrant a legal claim by us.

Content of the Life Memories products

The content of the Life Memories recording or book is telling the stories and events as the client recalls. It relies on the information provided to be accurate and truthful as a published medium. The client is responsible for this. We do not investigate the intricacies of the content and we will not be liable for any inaccuracies or contradiction by other family members, or any distress this may cause. This includes, but is not restricted to: dates, events and recalled stories, photo/document descriptions.

The books are not direct transcripts, we select the stories and events in collaboration with the client which is approved before final print. We reserve the right to exclude content that we see may be inflammatory or may cause distress to other family members.


We will agree a timescale and schedule with specified dates at commission and the signing of a contract for the project, but cannot be held responsible if factors out of our control influence this. For example, poor weather conditions, equipment or printing failure, myself or the client becomes ill, the length of time agreed to complete the discussion guide/proof reading the narrative by the client, is outside the agreed time line. A revised time schedule will be submitted if this happens.

Cancellation of the project

You have 14 days from the date of our order acceptance to cancel and a full refund will be given. Any cancellation after 14 days will incur the costs accrued to that point in time, including my time and external costs e.g. transcription costs. It will be at cost only, i.e. exclude any interest. You may cancel the project with a month’s notice by email or letter to my address, but such cancellation will be subject to the above costs when they have been incurred.

If for any reason a client is ill and needs time to recover we can suspend the creation of the recording or book until they are well enough to continue. If for any reason they wish/need to withdraw at this point, all costs and time incurred will be billed, pro rata up to the point of withdrawal. However, if this is due to unfortunate circumstances we will be fair and reasonable.

We will not be liable for any failure to deliver our obligations to you (including the printing and delivery of the Life Memories Book), due to circumstances out of our reasonable control such as illness, equipment failure. In this event we will notify you immediately and discuss solutions.

Payment of the Life Memories Book/Recording

Payment of the recording or Life Memory Book will be discussed and agreed on commission. A gift voucher will be issued for all options and will have different payment terms. The audio recording only option at £99 will be paid on request of a gift voucher. For the Life Memories Book option this will be staggered as follows:

  • 25% on commission of the Life Memories Book (when voucher bought)
  • 25% after the recordings have been completed
  • 50% on receipt of the books when presented to the client

If preferred a monthly payment system can be set up during the recording and writing stages but the 25% on commission will still stand.

If requested additional time for interviews, increased number of books printed, USB memory sticks and box options will be costed and agreed in writing.

Publication of Life Memories

We do not publish any of the books in the public arena and they are only to be published for private circulation. We would have to gain a special licence for public publications which would considerably increase the cost of the books.

This also avoids/reduces the chance of other family members being aggrieved by any of the contents or cause emotional distress.