Things take time

Good things are worth the wait

The creation of your Life Memories Book should not be rushed. It typically takes two to three months from after the introductory visit to finish. The book requires considerable effort: editing, analysing, transcripts and recording and assembling multiple interviews, photograph enhancement, professional proof reading, layout, design and printing.

Writing Stage - The recordings are transcribed to ensure your personality shines from the writing-generating a style which reflects how you speak and captures the essence of who you are within your Life Memories Book. Written in the first-person, this is a complex and time-consuming process, where themes and experiences are selected, analysed, ordered and presented in an interesting and impactful way. Expertise is in translating informal verbal language into the written word. "When I read his Life Memories Book it really does sound like he is talking, I can recognise some of the phrases and the ways he talks, priceless.”

Tweaking Stage - I tweak the narrative to ensure no missing details and that anything sensitive is conveyed in an appropriate way. It is sent to a professional proof reader for any necessary adaptations. You will be sent a word proof to read and make changes where necessary. If required, this can be aided by another family member. When you have made any changes and it is fully approved there will be no more changes to the narrative.

We will have accumulated the photos/documents and scanned images for your book to enhance and add interest to the narrative. The designer will do their magic editing any photos where necessary. They will fuse these with the narrative text to create an attractive layout to ensure your Life Memories Book has maximum impact and is ready for print.

Final Proof Stage - The final version will be sent to you to look at and approve. At this stage the book will be signed off and then sent to the printer in the agreed format and title.

Print and book delivery - This is the exciting bit when the book is sent to be printed.

You will be notified of the delivery time (usually a week depending on time of year) and have a chance to order extra copies of the book.

Don’t worry if you want to order more once they have been printed as we can arrange for more to be printed afterwards, but it is more cost effective to order a larger amount at the first print run.

The books will be delivered to you and all that needs to happen is for you and your family to enjoy the fruits of your labour.