Encapsulate life history

Do you ever hear yourself saying "I wish I'd asked my mother or father about that?”

Every family has its unique history and story to tell. Events, personalities, and traditions create who you are today - collecting stories and memories is one of the most meaningful ways you can honour your older relatives and preserve family traditions.

Life experiences and social changes have generated important outlooks on life. Important pieces of a family's history are found in the memories of living relatives. Often, they are never shared or written down, so they become lost as they are not recorded. How great would it be to ensure that future generations share this history?

In addition to giving meaning and connection to treasured photos, it is a perfect way of encapsulating important family heirlooms and documents such as precious hand me down recipes and letters.

Creating Life Memories ensures family stories will be preserved for future generations whilst providing an interesting insight into social changes.

They will be a cherished and a meaningful legacy for your family.

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Life Memories make great gifts. For instance:
• A Birthday or Christmas present
• A gift to help people living with dementia or other long-term health conditions, and their families
• A Mother's or Father’s Day gift